It is a really interesting idea. Thank you! We are waiting for more of such projects. (An inhabitant of Vilnius, Laima)

One of the greatest experiences of my life!

Light and understanding, experience of knowledge and of forgiveness and many other questions I bring home with me, looking for answers.

Thank you for making me look in a different way. (Ruta)

Thank you for a different explanation of such difficult physical phenomena.

Thank you. We enjoyed it. In comparison with other initiatives of the festival, yours clearly surpasses all of them. The information received opens the horizons of our understanding. And a special thanks for being received in such a warm way. (Students of the Academy of Fine Arts)

A very interesting project. Maybe it will inspire our world-known physicists to follow your example to educate people!!! (Dalia)

It is very important to see what we have known, to remember what we have forgotten and to hear what we haven't heard before. (Svajunas)

I will not be the one I was before.

Sincere thanks for bringing us nearer to the Sun and to the Sky in such a sincere and sensitive way.

It is an excellent look to everything in the world: physical phenomena, nature, art, culture and the growth of the spirit. Thanks to an excellent guide Justinas for an interesting and warm story. (Moletai main school children and the teacher)

We are surprised by such a beauty! It is unrepeatable… Thank you for an excellent opportunity to get better acquainted with the world!

Thank you for the possibility to get acquainted with light and to discover the sun everywhere around us. From now on we will try to see it everywhere and always.

Thank you. Your masterpiece is wonderful. It has brought light to my heart.

I saw a particle of the universe. (Jurgita)

I expected less. I was wrong. I received much more. Thank you. (Rikantas)

Thank you for an educational excursion to the land of light.

I haven't been relaxed so much for a long time.

It was something surreally real.

An excellent project giving us a possibility to see the world illuminated by a little ray of the sun; to see it through science, art, philosophy and psychology. (An artist)

Thank you for letting us see the world in a different way. (A mother and a daughter)

Sincere thanks for the light in the darkness!

I enjoyed seeing, feeling and hearing art, science and light in the darkness!

It is so good to stay in the sun and warmth in a cold November evening.

I wish more people could see it!

Here I've understood what the colour is.

Thank you for an interesting fairy tale in the light.

It is very useful for the students of senior classes: the tenth grade is just starting studying optics. An excellent introduction!

I will surely bring out with myself something good.

When I'll need to find out more, I will come again. (Dovile, 11 years)

It's unbelievable that before I couldn't see the things that I will see from now on.

It is a small miracle…

We would like to see the performance once again. (Primary school, 1st grade pupils)

From now on I will appreciate the nature much more.

An excellently integrated lesson of physics, art, music etc. (Sventoji main school)