Light in the history of art


Let’s “reflect” on the words “to see” and “to understand”. These words have a very similar meaning, in several languages, and are used to express a similar concept. The crucial importance of “light and vision”, as structural elements in several cultures, is revisited by a 14-panel excursion over “Light in the History of Art”, from ancient Egypt to modern days.

This section has been realized with the support of Professor Ferdinando Zanzottera (Politecnico di Milano). At the moment only the italian version is available.

Cosmogony of the Truth
Myth and Cosmology
Light of the Invisible
Abundance of Gold and Depth of Beauty
Irradiation of truth by light
Eruption of Truth
Enticement of Senses and Exaltation of Symbols
Light Experiments and Celestial Cupolas
Realism and Symbolic Metaphor
Fiction, Illusion and Truth
Dramatic and Poetic Nature of Light
Light in Science and Perception
Light as ReflectionoftheUniverse
Immeasurable Universe and Embrace with “Me”

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