The following sources have been used for the development of both the scientific and experimental part of the exhibition:

Atmospheric Optics

Craig F. Bohren

Colours of the Sky

Craig F. Bohren, Alistair B. Fraser, The Physics Teacher, 267-272 (1985)

Why the sky is blue (on a clear day with an unpolluted Earth atmosphere)

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The Feynman Lectures on Physics

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Optics. Fourth Edition

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Light and Color in the Outdoors

Marcel G. J. Minnaert,Springer (1993),(originally published in Dutch in 1974 as De natuurkunde van 't vrije veld. Licht en kleur in het landschap.)

The sky is falling: Newton’s droplets, Clausius’s bubbles and Tyndall’s ‘sky matter’

Peter Pesic,European Journal of Physics 26, 189-193 (2005)

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