the seven rooms

The exhibition Light in Light is organized as a play in seven acts, staged in seven separate rooms.

room one - light, time and instance

In the first room our extraordinary adventure begins. We find ourselves in an amphitheater, where an actor, our guide through the performance, invites us to reflect on the experience of knowledge as a source of light and forgiveness in our lives........ [view page]

room two - looking at the sun

Let's experience the sun light once again in this luminous room! The public enters under a beautiful pergola of grapevines, which shadows shelter from a blinding summer sun light above the foliage. What are these circular spots of light on the paving, the walls, spectators' faces? ........ [view page]

room three - the theatre

We know many things about light, but our ability to explain a phenomenon does not necessarily show our knowledge or awareness of what happens. ...... [view page]

room four - the discovery

Air. The most transparent and the most colourless of all objects. Is it really so?
The actor, drawing an analogy between the waves of the sea and those of light and narrating about the crew of a small boat or a large vessel shaken by rough waters and by the electrons accelerated by light, explains that, according to the laws of physics, air should not be transparent, but....... [view page]

room five - the colour of shadows

In this room the whole stage is occupied by a big and complex machinery, whose functioning is proudly described by the actor: there are five discharge mercury vapor projectors simulating the sun, and two long pools of water reconstructing the atmosphere at sunset; one of the pools is movable in order to allow the change of the thickness of the atmosphere, which the sunlight crosses at different hours of the day...... [view page]

room six - the cathedral

Now, after having learned to observe the world, let's look at the objects around us in a different way, with the eye of the artist and discover the immensity of our "experience of light" and its influence on our perception of beauty....... [view page]

room seven - light in the history of art

Let’s “reflect” on the words “to see” and “to understand”. These words have a very similar meaning, in several languages, and are used to express a similar concept. The crucial importance of “light and vision”, as structural elements in several cultures, is revisited by a 14-panel excursion over “Light in the History of Art”, from ancient Egypt to modern days...... [view page]