about the exhibition

"Light in Light"is a wide-audience-oriented theatrical performance, whose theme is light and the experience of human knowledge. For the first time in the world, it represents an indoor reconstruction of nature, reproducing spectacular optical atmospheric phenomena, in which light is diffused, diffracted or refracted by the air, the clouds, drops of rain, branches of a tree, etc.La mise en scene "simulates" reality, thoroughly imitating the laws, which, according to a scientist, act in nature. Using glass nanospheres for the reproduction of air, laser beams for sun rays, plexiglass spheres and cylinders as drops of rain, adding trees, pergolas, underwater sceneries and waterfalls, in the hands of a scientist different rooms become the natural environment for a clear sky and storms, fog and rainbows, for the colours of the sky and shadows, a glimpse of the sun through a foliage and through the branches of a bare tree, during the eclipse or behind the shoulders of a mountain.


The performance is a faithful reproduction of nature. Through a series of experiments, the actor invites us to have a glimpse of paintings, architecture, literature, photography, music and even cinema, weaving ambitious ties, suggesting original interpretations of masterpieces: why does Dante speaks of reflection, when he describes his imitation of Beatrice looking at the sun? What do the circles and rays around Van Gogh's face in his self-portrait mean? The spectator, having become newly familiar with the phenomenon of "light", acquired through the presented exhibition, confidently discovers an unexpected and deep link between art and experience: in the open air, he will really see his own shadow with the artist's eyes. "If there is no sun in the eyes of the person you love, he is not destined to you,"- this is a comment of a 13-year-old Lithuanian girl in the visitors' book. Even in contemporary art, where objects seem to have lost any possible relation with nature, their chromatic combinations reveal an ultimate and deep tie with reality: the reality of light. Not of a generic light, but of this particular light, made of the sky and the sun.

short history

The performance is the result of a five-year-long work that started in Como (Italy) in 2001 with the development of very simple prototypes built to better understand the physical concepts that describe optical atmospheric phenomena. These laboratory experiments were exposed in Como as part of the first version of the exhibition "Light in Light" held in April 2002.
The realization of the project gathered together some one hundred people - students, professors, artists, poets, actors, photographers, just to mention a few professional figures - under the supervision and coordination of Professor Paolo Di Trapani from Insubria University in Como, Italy.

Due to the success and the potentiality of the work, the working group mounted a number of new experimental apparatus that were put on stage and became accessible to a large number of visitors in two Genoa Science Festivals in 2003 and 2005. The event was a huge success: more than 7000 visitors attended the performance in its 10 days of opening. After the success in Genoa, a developed and perfected exhibition was newly installed in Como at the Palazzo del Broletto in the months of December 2005- January 2006. In parallel to the advancement of the exhibition, a very important educational work was carried out with many different schools, both primary and secondary. One of these schools also won an Italian national prize.

In 2005 the author and the director of the exhibition was granted a prestigious EU Marie Curie Chair at Vilnius University, Quantum Electronics Department. This is how the idea of the project reached Lithuania. In November 2007 a significant educational and artistic event "Light in Light" was organized in Vilnius as part of the 6th Framework Program, Marie Curie Chair project "STELLA". In Vilnius the exhibition became a corner stone event for the opening of a series of initiatives of a three-year cultural programme "Vilnius - European Capital of Culture 2009".